Sunday, June 10, 2018

Welcome To Just Add Faith

If you've been on our Facebook page, here is our faith based posts here!  

Our main site is Just Add That.  It's a blog all about how to help people grow as bloggers and turn their businesses into internet money making machines.  

But Just Add Faith is different.  It's about growing closer to the Lord.  My name is Roxana Guy, and while I pride myself as being a wife, mother, and online entrepreneur, I am most honored to be a Christian first and foremost.  Being privileged to serve God is amazing, and I am humbled that he would accept me as his daughter.

God is the only father I have ever known.  While my parents divorced when I was small, I never felt I was without a father.  God was always with me and guided me each and every step of the way.  He has guided me through some of the darkest periods of my life, and he has proven time again that I can always trust him.  

I don't always have a chance to write about the Lord or serve him the way I should.  But I wanted an opportunity to create a space for people to follow up, not just in our community.  

If you're looking for a place to pray and join a community of active prayer warriors, join our Facebook group!  Click here, and ask to join.  It doesn't come with tons of questions.  I have it set up privately so it's a safe space for us to pray together without all the junk and political propaganda that plagues Christians today. 

 And look out for our future posts by signing up for our email list.  I just published my first book called The Value of Time: Mastering Time Management for a More Productive Day.  And I am working on two new books.  One is a children's story written for my boys and their friends.  The other is going to be a 30 day devotional series including a 5 day free devotional email.  

Stay informed by subscribing here, and don't miss out on exciting community events!

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